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For Doctors

Technozo's multi-tiered approach to Virtual prenatal and postnatal care that allows doctors to deliver high risk-specific care to their patients at any time , anywhere. Technozo is the the nation’s peerless and only organization to have a full stack of specialty specific Gynaecology/Obstetrics medical ecosystem and India’s first virtual woman healthcare app


For Patients

We provide a full-service women's healthcare solution to give you the tools and resources you need to increase access, change outcomes, and help make Virtual Care a reality. When you need an extra level of support to help solve some of your biggest challenges, Technozo Technology solutions are here to help.

A New Model for Women Health Care

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Technozo India’s first Virtual Women’s Health Care & Family

EMR Integration in Virtual Maternity Care

Technozo Focused on Prenatal and Post-partum care that is transforming the way expectant Mothers use technology to work with their OBGYN Specialists/Doctors.

  • Focused on Women’s Healthcare Optimizing Care for OB/GYN Practices.
  • ACOG compliant Antenatal flowsheets that include OB/GYN, family planning, and reproductive health.

  • Our Software helps doctors to keep accurate and compliant antepartum and postpartum patient charts.

  • Speciality Specific Virtual Care Application, OB/GYN Telemedicine.

  •  A doctor can Intervene when her patient need it most, with our risk-specific AI Tools

Free up your women’s health practice to elevate patient care with Technozo!

Technozo’s pioneering virtual care model is built around women and families, delivering better outcomes.

A full suite of configurable, cloud-based software offerings for obstetrics and gynecology. Innovative and seamless technology tailored specifically to Ob-Gyn practices that not only meet but enhance each organization’s clinical and administrative efforts. Obstetricians in need of software can easily use antenatal flow sheets. Gynecologists looking for software can easily conduct well-woman exams directly in the software without exiting to another program or transitioning to paper.

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Importance Of Women Health

They are avoiding their problems and do not share with others so they are suffering from many diseases. Women’s health is very important because without women none of us would be here.

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  • 05 April 2021

Five Foods That Boost Fertility in Women

Maintaining a healthy diet is an integral part of a woman’s life. However, this task becomes even more important when the woman is trying to conceive a baby. This holds true for women who suffer from unexplained infertility and infertility due to menstrual disorders and hormonal issues.

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  • 25 August 2021

Best Pregnancy App

Our health experts and doctors are always available for you and give you proper consultation. You can access the technozo app at any time or from anywhere or on any device. Doctors can virtually connect with expectant and new mothers between visits with a custom mobile app. They will educate and inspire you through

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Dr.Shruti Gupta

Right EMR For  Gynae/Obs Practice. I will recommend to all! Well Done


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