FAQs for Patients

QWhat is Echno Healthcard and how beneficial it is?

A– ECHNO Healthcard enables a patient in tracking and managing early responses that they face during pregnancy before their health deteriorates. We have reduced the gap between a patient and a doctor as a patient can instantly connect with their doctors in case of need. ECHNO Healthcard’s multiple feature system helps in overall pregnancy and post-partum care by constantly providing healthcare videos, articles, weekly activities, awareness blogs posted by their doctors. Now a patient has no longer need to visit a doctor’s clinic for trivial issues.

Q- Does Echno healthcard help if I need emergency help from my doctor?

Absolutely, Your health history/clinical data that are uploaded by either you or your doctor are saved in your Echno healthcard. In case of emergency or pre-mature delivery you can contact your doctor and the concerned department of the hospital with just one click through our Echno app. They may arrange an ambulance and will be ready for you and your baby when you reach the hospital with all your health history, procedures and formalities.

Q- What is virtual care?

Our dashboard-style interface creates a dialogue between a patient and doctor. As soon as a patient updates their data it reaches the doctor. Doctor actively participates in the wellbeing of the pregnant woman. As doctor too can access the data through our app it will help them to remotely triage cases and quickly identify those in need of urgent care.

QHow Echno Healthcard helps in my pregnancy Journey?

A– Echno Health Card not only helps in prenatal care but also helps in providing the desired postpartum care with the help of technology. In case of emergency or premature delivery you can contact your doctor and the concerned department of the hospital. Even through your entire pregnancy journey there will be constant support from your doctor through health videos, articles, blogs, weekly activities. If you’re still curious to learn more or are interested in signing up for the Echno Healthcard, we suggest talking to your Doctor at your next appointment and we can conduct an Awareness Program.

Q- Can I reschedule/cancel my booked appointment?

A– Once booked you can reschedule your appointment according to your doctor’s availability. But if you cancel your appointment because of your non- availability then you will not get any refund.

QCan I change my registered email ID/ Phone number?

A– Yes, You can change your registered email ID/ Phone number of your account by going in ‘My Account’ section and then update Email-Id/Mobile No. Your email Id/ Phone no. will be changed only after verification via OTP.

QHow to deactivate my account?

A– You can deactivate your account by going in ‘My Account’ section and then deactivate your account.

QHow to find my EHR, prescription, invoices?

A– You can find all your clinical data in ‘My dashboard’ of your Echno app.

Q–  How can I book an appointment with a doctor?

A– You can go to ‘Clinical data’ in ‘my Dashboard’ and book hassle free according to the availability.

QHow do I create my HealthCard?

A– You can get a Technozo healthcard, only when your Doctor send a Healthcard request to us. After we receive the request, we process it and send a payment link on your registered email ID. You need to make the payment online by using the link. Once the payment is done, we send you our healthcard number on your email. By using the healthcard number you can log-in in our Echno app and your digital healthcard is ready to use.

QHow do I receive the My Healthcard copy?

A– You can use your digital Healthcard by login in our ECHNO app. You will receive the hard copy of your healthcard at your registered address within 30 days from the date of Healthcard payment. In case you haven’t received any card by then please contact us at [email protected]