FAQs for Doctors

Q- How does TechnozoHealth helps in making a practice more efficient?

A– TechnozoHealth’s SSME was developed & refined over the past three years after rigorous research and consultations with experts in the field of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. This is the only software in India with ACOG compliant antenatal flowsheets which has built into Technozo Speciality Specific Medical Ecosystem. We are introducing new ways so that you can manage your patient data including its analysis for research purposes, making it easier for you to enhance your practices as you use it for new treatments purposes. From patient check-in to patient charting, the fully integrated EHR and practice management system gives you incomparable speed, efficiency and an upper hand in this competitive market.

Q- Will using Technozo SSME Software benefit our Patients?

A– Definitely, our SSME software is designed in such a way that will take care of your patients right from their Appointment to their Medicine timings, we send automatic SMS & E- mail reminders to your patient at each step. We also have a premium Patient Mobile application ‘EchnoHealth’ which takes care of Patient appointments, visits and documentation. It has an automatic shareable data transfer system to TechnozoSSME Software. Now, the patient no longer need to carry hard copy of their clinical data or wait in queue for their number, they can all manage it from Echno App.

Q- Gynae/Obs EMR requires a lot of data capturing. Isn’t it?

A– We absolutely agree that Gynae/obs EMR requires detailed data needs to fill during pregnancy, we have comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard. It is specially designed for easy data capturing on a single Dashboard so that you need not switch screens from one to another and then another. It has extensive use of predefined dropdowns as well. Many more features fasten the data capturing process and ultimately making it User friendly.

Q- How will Technozo help in Patient Appointment and Queue management?

A– SSME has a comprehensive structure tailored made especially for you keeping in mind all your trivial needs. It has a definitive section that helps the patient in booking appointment online according to your availability and when the patient arrive you can add her in queue. This will help in avoiding rush and chaos, patient will come according to their time slot which in return enhance your practice.

Q- How safe is my data with TechnozoHealth?

A– The security of your information or data is our highest priority. We have adopted reasonable security practices and procedures including managerial, technical, operational and physical security control measures to ensure that the Information collected are secure. We also protect your information in accordance with HIPAA server security rule requirements as well as we are ISO 27001 certified.

Q- How can I restrict access of data?

A– The admin of the SSME has complete control to set multiple roles according to his/her staff necessity. He/She can limit the access of data flow in his Clinic/Hospital/Institution. Only desired amount of information will be accessible to others. Thus maintaining the confidentiality of his practice.  

Q-  What are the different types of Echno Healthcard ?

A– Currently we are introducing three types of cards i.e. Royal, Prime, Premier.

Q- what will happen to my data once my subscription is over?

A– All your data will be available in your dashboard in PDF format you can export or download in your device anytime during your subscription or within 7-10 working days after your subscription is over. After that you will not be able to access SSME software.

Q- What kind of services does Technozo offers?

A– For the doctors, TechnozoHealth is providing a platform where you can virtually take care of your patient. It is building a system that will make your practice paperless and portable. You can check your patient EHR/EMR and other reports from your mobile phone and guide your patient through in cases of difficult times. We are working around the clock in shaping your practice effortless and enhancing each organization’s clinical and administrative efforts.

Q How will Technozo help if my system is not working?

A- Absolutely, our TechnozoHealth team will be working 24*7 to help you in case you face any difficulty in operating the system. We will also induct training programs for you and your staff so that everyone will be well-versed on how to operate in any situation.

Q- What all we will require if we want to use Technozo SSME Application?

A– We have web based & Mobile application, you need to have your own hardware system, other equipments, uninterrupted internet and electricity connection and the following Computer configuration :-

Hardware                    Minimum                 Recommended

Processor                      1.7 GHz                      2.0 GHz

Screen Resolution       1366 X 768            1600 X 1200

Monitor Size                       14“                             15“

RAM                                 4 GB                          8 GB