Patient Health Record On A Smart Card

Technozo Cloud Solution goes beyond traditional smart card capabilities and is truly a medical smart card system for patient record management. Our smart health card maintains all the standard benefits of smart cards. It also enables multiple levels of authentication to protect data. But beyond these basic capabilities, the card contains an encrypted, compressed copy of all structured medical data for the patient.

The most critical patient information is resident on the card. This means that the data is accessible even when disconnected from the internet. This brings great benefits to those in rural areas.

Our platform provides a fool-proof manner to reduce fraud and waste. If a patient appropriately presents his card to their care provider and the care provider scans the card as would be required for reimbursement, there is clear evidence that the provider has access to all of the information on the card. No longer can the care provider order redundant testing in order to run up the claim. There is also no reason for the care provider to not know all medications that patient is taking and all of their allergies. This prevents many errors, most fraud and a significant percentage of the waste due to redundant procedures.

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