PCOD – Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

PCOD is also known as PCOS which stands for Polycystic ovary syndrome. It is a hormonal disorder that is very common among women of reproductive age. Around 1/3 of women across the world suffer from this hormonal disorder. Women suffering from PCOD produce a lot of immature eggs that change into cysts and the ovary becomes a polycystic ovary. Besides this, the ovaries increase in size and produce more androgens (male hormones). PCOD can also be considered a common reproductive endocrine disorder that can affect five percent of the population of women. Polycystic ovary syndrome can cause the occurrence of an increase in testosterone levels in the body. It causes the growth of excessive hair on the face and also causes menstrual irregularity. In some cases, it causes infertility also. However, PCOD is not a serious medical illness as it can be cured with the right diet and exercise.

Symptoms of PCOD

  • Women experience irregularity in their menstrual cycle. 
  • Weight gain can occur which can also turn into obesity over some time.
  • It can also cause acne on the face and the growth of excessive hair.
  • Other menstrual symptoms include abnormal menstruation or the absence of menstruation. It also causes spotting.

Losing weight can help in PCOD and can be effective in preventing infertility. 

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