10 Health Issues That Almost All Indian Women Face

Almost all women face health issues in their life. A woman’s body is so delicate that she needs to take care of it at each stage of her life. However, the majority of the Indian women are in the habit of ignoring their health issues. The complications are faced by them in different age groups from adolescent age to pregnancy and menopause. Psychological causes may include work related stress and anxiety.

Common Health Issues Faced by Indian Women:

  • Menstrual Issue –Women face disruptive health due to a number of gynecological issues like menstrual problems heavy bleeding, pain, cramps, fatigue, and irregularities.
  • Abdomen Pain – Pelvic ultrasound helps in diagnosing these conditions.
  • Urinary Tract Infection – It Is the Common bacterial infection in women.
  • Vaginal Discharge – It can be a symptom of a teenager as well as reproductive or postmenopausal women.
  • Fertility issues – Fertility reduces due to age related decline in egg quality.
  • Pregnancy Issues – Many of the women still don’t seek pre-pregnancy care in India which can lead to a pregnancy with medical problems.
  • Obesity – In women, metabolic disturbance or hormonal imbalances have become increasingly similar along with unhealthy eating options.
  • Cervical and Breast Cancer – Lack of health awareness of cancer screenings as needed at every age.
  • Domestic and sexual violence in India – Female foeticide, bride burning, sexual abuse of the girl child are few of the health related issues.

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