5 Activities to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a precious gift given to women. Knowing that you are going to be a mother to a little one soon is an amazing feeling in every woman’s life. During pregnancy, a pregnant woman can experience uncomfortable physiological changes, symptoms and at times moments of fear and anxiety. 

Things to avoid during pregnancy

There are some classes or other programmed classes that may involve heavy      lifting weights. These classes can place greater stress on your joints and ligaments.

Due to the pregnancy hormones you should avoid these ballistic, dynamic heavy lifts. Your back won’t like it.

Prenatal yoga is recommended. But hot yoga should be avoided due to the room temperature often reaching 100 degrees or higher.

Pregnant women should avoid such hot conditions.

After your second trimester, you’re at a greater risk of falling. With this loss of balance, riding a bike that you have to keep your balance on is not one of the best ideas. Falling off would seriously hurt your baby. 

  • Lying on the  belly

Lying down on your stomach to relax or stretch could hurt your baby.

Stretching exercises may hurt the baby during pregnancy if not done correctly. You should not strain yourself too much as this can impair the development of the fetus.

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