Importance Of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding allows the new mother to connect with her infant, both physically and emotionally. It familiarizes the baby with their mother’s touch and familiarizes the mother with her newborn’s temperament.

Breast milk is recommended for new born babies. This milk is very nutritious and is easy to digest. Despite this, some mothers don’t breastfeed their babies. Breast milk contains plenty of health benefits. These benefits apply to both the baby and the mother. The following are some benefits linked to breastfeeding:

It helps the infant attain healthy weight :

New born babies should grow the right way. Breastfeeding can help your child gain weight the right way.

It reduces the risks of diseases

Breastfeeding mothers are at a low risk of developing different kinds of diseases. Cancer is one of these conditions. The time a mother breastfeeds her child reduces the risks of ovarian and breast cancer.

Breast milk has important antibodies

Breast milk contains different kinds of antibodies. These antibodies are responsible for helping the baby fight of bacteria and viruses

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