Symptoms During Menstruation That Aren’t Normal

It is hard to talk about our period as women as that is a topic considered taboo. But discussing problems about feminine health is the first step to understanding your body better and making sure that you are completely healthy.

If you are exhibiting any of the following 7 symptoms. These period side effects should be brought up to your OBGYN or general physician as soon as possible.

1. Extremely Heavy Bleeding

There is a significant difference between a heavy flow and extremely heavy bleeding while on your period. If you use more than five pads or tampons a day and they are thick with blood, it is important to talk to your OBGYN about potential hormonal imbalances and health concerns.

2. Intense Cramping

Even if many women experience menstrual cramps while on their period, it is definitely not normal. If you are experiencing extremely painful and shooting sensations in your pelvic area while on your period, you should really not ignore those. 

3. Spotting

Not every woman’s period is regular, and this can sometimes cause confusion among women about how regular their periods should be. Consider that a good cycle is between 28 and 32 days. Less, or more than that, and you should get your hormones checked.

4. Severe Lower Back Pain

Back aches during periods are not anything outrageous, but more severe the pain, more unusual the symptom. This sort of pain, accompanied with pain in other regions of the pelvis, can signal a variety of health problems, like endometriosis, cysts, or fibroids.


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