Medical Errors In Healthcare

What are medical errors?

medical error is defined as an unintended act, the failure of a planned action to be completed as intended, an error in planning to achieve a desired goal, or a departure from the process of patient care that may or may not result in harm.

Medical practices have to maintain a record of all relevant patient data to monitor the treatment given and thus reduce the chances of risk and adverse medical events. Accurate medical records are important in a healthcare setting to not just ensure quality patient care but also to meet ethical and legal obligations. Medical transcription services can provide healthcare firms and physicians with accurate EHR documentation.

Most common medical errors are:

  • Medication/ anesthesia errors
  • Late diagnosis
  • Delay in treatment
  • Failure to act on test or proper precautions
  • Inadequate follow-up treatment

Six Common Causes for Medical Errors

  1. Poor communication among physicians, nurses and patients.
  2. Inadequate flow of information that causes diverse issues.
  3. Manual errors made during medical record entry.
  4. Lack of training/inadequate education for medical staff.
  5. Staffs not rightly placed or insufficient staffing.
  6. Technical failure with medical devices or other equipment.

Healthcare facilities must therefore take adequate precautions and have proper measures in place to prevent costly medical errors. Patient records can be documented accurately with the support of experienced medical transcription providers.

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